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In the past 20 years, the talents of the world’s talents have been used to sharpen a sword, and it has become a difficult thing

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"The atmosphere of joy can infect people, and the power of passion can touch people." At the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the avant-garde on May 4th, 2016, I witnessed the avant-garde leaders' style and witnessed the joy, passion and imagination of the avant-garde employees. Sometimes I often think about what kind of teamwork is this? What is team strength? Today, the answer to the 20th anniversary of the avant-garde seems to have found the answer: "passion, joy, gratitude, goal."
Looking back 20 years ago, our predecessors made a fortune of 108,000 yuan, set foot on the trains in the south, bought equipment, and delved into it. From the fathers’ mouths, they learned that the technical conditions were relatively closed and difficult to face. The double pressure of the periphery and the inner circumference, our avant-garde people did not fall down, but bravely stood up! It can be said that from the beginning from scratch, the entrepreneurial experience has gone through the arduous development process and the mental journey; the old saying goes: "There are people who have aspirations, things have actually become. Breaking the boat and sinking the boat, the second is the second of the Qin Dynasty." Concentrated employees who have worked hard in the company for 20 years. Desire and return without willingness and remorse; enriched the pride of past achievements in the company's 20th anniversary and the passion and imagination of creating a century-old foundation for the future.
Entering the bright office building, you will be greeted with "you will thank you in the future, and you are struggling now". This sentence is profound and is the job slogan proposed by the new general manager! It is not difficult to see that new ideas have been opened and new ideas have been formed. What we need to do is to work tirelessly and unswervingly into the work. Each enterprise is surrounded by two ideas: quality, sales, As a salesman, how can we do these two things well? It is inseparable from the rules and regulations. Every company has its own system. Each company has its own management mode. Together, unite and unite, so that the team can climb the peak. ! This kind of team spirit can climb the top! Such a team can go forward! ! !
New target, new starting point, under the leadership of General Manager Xu Bingkui, we will continue to support his work, new ideas lead us, new initiatives inspire us, the company provides us with a new development platform, we must Coordinate with the pace. Guided by the "Building a 100-year-old enterprise, building a brand of 100-year-old brand", and working hard with the "1666 Plan", I believe that we can achieve it and work hard for avant-garde new tomorrow!